XMM-Newton Observation Log Browser

New release

A new release is now online. Version 2.1 is available since 24 July 2008. This version solves a number of outstanding issues.

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Release 2.1 Notes

The Observation Summary can now be obtained in both HTML and PDF format.

Ricardo Perez

Release 2.0 Notes

The INSCON on duty now can automatically update the data corresponding to an ongoing revolution, for example, during a ToO.
Other changes, like new filters and observation modes, have been included.

Inscon Team

Release 1.4.0 Notes

The INSCON on duty now specifies the reason when observation time is lost, so on-line statistics can be performed (Exposure insertion has been modified and a new page to show the statistics has been created). This data is only valid since revolution 291, and it will be completed in a near future.

Jesus Salgado

Release 1.2.0 Notes

The scheduled information about all observations since the start of the mission (revolution 14) is available.
From revolution 51 onwards the database is complete in terms of real-time information.
PDF output can be generated.
Engineering data is better organized (Internal version).
OLB dump is greatly improved.
PI info and Proposal Number information is available.
Minor changes to layout (more info using smaller table cells).

Martin Bremer