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SciSim 4.0.4 is the latest official release of the software. See Release Notes for further information.


The release contains both programs, data as well as full reference help documentation in both HTML and PostScript format.
If you are currently using a previous version of SciSim, it may be worthwhile to view the list of changes.


Before downloading, we recommend to read the installation instructions first.

Also, before analyzing SciSim data with SAS, be sure that you have downloaded the latest version of SCISIM calibration files from the SCISIM CCF area. And be sure that also the SAS environmental variable SAS_CCF is pointing to the CCF_scisim.cif file that you can find in the tar.gz file.

The source code, as well as some pre-compiled binaries are available for download in the SciSim FTP area. In the FTP area you will find separate entries for the pre-compiled binaries:

Trouble shooting

If you are having problems installing or running the software, we offer you the following help:

Mailing list

As the activity on the mailing list has dropped to zero over the last year, the mailing list has been disabled. Please send your questions to the help desk instead.

Questions should be sent to: XMM-Newton help desk