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Download instructions

To download the latest release of SAS click on the link at the bottom of this page.

Before proceeding to the download area, please fill in a questionnaire about your current and future needs regarding the SAS in terms of operating systems supported, hardware, etc.

Please fill in carefully this questionnaire. Thank you.

PLEASE take into account that the version you can download now, contains SAS 8.0.0 plus the patch V8.0.1, released TOGETHER as single file on 24/10/2008

If you have already installed previously SAS 8.0.0, you need just to install the patch V8.0.1, so proceed with the instructions here

If you have already installed previously SAS 8.0.0, and you want to download the extra packages referred to in these release notes, please proceed with the instructions here

The version SAS 8.0.1 (without extra packages) is fully contained in a single file to be downloaded, for all the platforms described below. The instructions to install SAS 8.0.1 are here.

Supported platforms (SAS8.0.1)

  • Linux
    • Red Hat
      • 9.0: Built on 9. Tested to work on Fedora Core 1 as well.
      • EL3: Built on RHEL 3. Tested to work on Fedora Core 1 and 2 as well.
      • EL4: Built on RHEL 4. Tested to work on RHEL 5.
      • FC3: Built on Fedora Core 3. Tested to work on higher versions of Fedora Core and Fedora, up to 8.
    • SuSE
      • 8.2: Built on 8.2. Tested to work on SuSE 9, 9.1, 9.2, 9.3 and 10.0 as well.
  • Solaris
    • 2.8: Built on 2.8. Not usable on 2.9.
    • 2.9: Built on 2.9.
  • Mac OS X (both for PowerPC and Intel yet)
    • 10.4: Built on PPC 10.4.11 (Darwin 8.11.0 or Tiger). Ready as well for Tiger on Intel.
    • 10.5: Built on PPC 10.4.11. Ready for Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5.3 or Darwin 9.3.0) on both PowerPC and Intel.
  • Windows
    • VM4SAS8: Virtual Machine for SAS 8.0.0 : A Virtual machine running CentOS 4.6 on Microsoft Windows allowing to run SAS 8.0.0 built natively on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4. SAS 8.0.1 is NOT YET available as VM. Full details, requirements, installation and running intructions can be found in here.

The source archive

The xmmsas_20080701_1801-common-src.tar.gz contains the source code of SAS8.0.0.

To proceed to download SAS, click here

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