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SAS Patch Release Notes - SAS 8.0.1
RGS spectrum of HR1099
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	      Release Note for patch (V 8.0.1) to SAS 8.0.0

Carlos Gabriel
XMM-Newton SOC

We are releasing a small number of updated SAS tasks, containing fixes to solve several problems. 
This shows an amount of flexibility which allows us to react fast and efficiently, without having 
to wait for a next full release.

There are two main reasons for patching SAS 8.0.0. The problems relate to bugs found by the new 
task epiclccorr, and to a shortcoming of rgscombine.

epiclccorr 1.0.8: the problems solved are documented in the SAS v8.0 Scientific Validation Report
(http://xmm.esac.esa.int/external/xmm_data_analysis/sas_validation/), and previously in a 
watch-out item (see http://xmm2.esac.esa.int/sas/8.0.0/watchout/). They consist of a wrong 
normalization factor depending on  EPIC PN observation mode, and a bug in the handling of sources 
distributed over 2 or more CCDs.  

rgscombine 1.1.1: this task prevented wrongly in SAS 8.0.0 the combination of spectra from 
different RGS instruments, also in the case the spectra have been derived in a grid of wavelength 
bins. This combination is highly desirable, and the reason for the introduction of the new way of 
deriving RGS spectra. Since the most used independent package for spectral analysis (Xspec) is 
also still unable of combining properly these kind of data into a single spectrum, the release of 
this patch is important.

As in former occasions, we take the opportunity to release several minor fixes:
- arfgen 1.75.6: small improvement in PSF calculation for Timing and Burst modes.
- eslewchain 1.0.1: compatible now with all the common shell environments.
- omdetect 5.14.2: improved robustness by extended source detection
- omgchain 1.8.1: enabling removal of scattered light features
- omgprep 1.6.1: adding necessary parameters for omgchain 1.8.1
- ommosaic 1.18.1: correction to prevent interpolating and filling of the corners between two 
                   images instead of filling in the gaps
- omgrism 1.22.1: alignment with the version used in PPS for generation of official products

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