EPIC Cal-Ops meeting # 4
Nov.6-8, 2001
Istituto di Fisica Cosmica, Milano

Nov.6, Tuesday: 14h-17h30

Part I : Operations

I.1 Review of actions D. Texier, 5 mn

I.2 Real-Time operations
I.2.1. Status of Science Operations D. Texier, 10 mn
I.2.2. Status of EPIC Operations S. Rives 15 mn

I.3 Operations Monitoring
I.3.1. Status of radiation monitoring D. Texier, 10 mn
I.3.2. MOS Monitoring A. Tiengo & B. Altieri, 30 mn
I.3.3. PN Monitoring M. Smith & M. Kirsch, 30 mn
I.3.4. Status of NCRs F. Giannini, 30 mn

Coffee break

I.4 Uplink
I.4.1. Recent & future database & procedure updates S. Rives 10 mn
for MOS & PN
I.4.2. Status of new boresight test M. Casale & A. Abbey, 10 mn

I.5 On-Board Software
I.5.1. Implementation of PN time-out task G. Buenadicha, 10 mn
I.5.2. Future updates G. Buenadicha, 10 mn

Nov.7, Wednesday : 9h30 - 12h30 / 14h00 - 18h00

I.6 New MOS sequencers
I.6.1 Preliminary results of the recent A. Abbey/P Bennie 10 mn
charge injection tests
I.6.2 Bright timing mode tests A. Abbey 5 mn

I.7 PN anomaly and recovery
I.7.1 Current anomaly of Quadrant 2 E. Kendziorra 10 mn
I.7.2 Neuried test of the 3-Quadrant operation E. Kendziorra 5 mn
I.7.3 First results of the tests K. Dennerl 5 mn


Coffee break

Part 2 : Calibration - individual instruments

II.1 PN separate issues
II.1.1 Update of the Timing Mode and M. Kirsch 15 mn
Burst Mode calibration
II.1.2 Relative and absolute timing of the pn camera M. Kuster 15 mn
II.1.3 CTI and gain monitoring: update K. Dennerl 5 mn
II.1.4 CTI correction of doubles K. Dennerl 10 mn
II.1.5 Energy dependence of the long term CTI K. Dennerl 10 mn
II.1.6 extFF: update on rms and single/double ratio F. Haberl 10 mn
II.1.7 Instrumental bkgd: spectral and spatial M. Freyberg 10 mn
II.1.8 Status of the SAS CTI corrections M. Freyberg 10 mn

II.2 MOS separate issues
II.2.1 CTI correction on a per column basis P. Bennie 10 mn
- update
II.2.2 Update of the MOS CTI correction in SAS B. Altieri 10 mn
II.2.3 Response functions issues S. Sembay 10 mn

Lunch break

II.3 Mirrors issues
II.3.1 EPIC MOS PSF S. Ghizzardi 20 mn
II.3.2 Checking encircled energy by P. Ferrando 10 mn
spectral fitting

II.4 Background issues
II.4.1 EPIC/MOS instrumental background A. De Luca 15 mn
II.4.2 Background template files D. Lumb 15 mn

II.3 Cross calibration MOS/PN
II.3.1 MOS/pn cross calibration using continuum G. Griffiths 10 mn
II.3.2 MOS/pn cross calibration using ES 0102 P. Bennie 5 mn
II.3.3 A statistical valuation of EPIC flux R. Saxton 10 mn
II.3.4 pn-SW/MOS cross calibration using N132D F. Haberl 15 mn
II.3.5 EPIC MOS/PN cross-cal in 2-10 keV band M. Dadina 15 mn
II.3.6 EPIC MOS/PN cross-cal in 0.5-2 keV band S. Molendi 15 mn

Coffee break

Splinter on MOS/PN cross-calibration

Nov.8, Thursday : 9h30 - 12h30 / 14h00 - 17h00 latest
II.4 EPIC/RGS cross-calibration
II.4.1 RGS calibration status J.W. den Herder 15 mn
II.4.2 pn-spectra of Mkn421, N132D, and PKS2155-304 F. Haberl 15 mn

Splinter on EPIC/RGS cross-calibration

Lunch break

Afternoon : Meeting and splinters summary