Calibration Access and Data Handbook

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Used CAL State Variables

instrument, ccdChipID, ccdNodeID,FPAtemperature,observationStartTime,mode


  1. FPAtemperature or EMAE temperatures in principle may change the gain of the pre-amplifiers, but TBD the temperature should be stable At the moment we have gathered evidence that the temperature does change and modifies the gain according to a component of the form $d Gain/ d temp$. the detailed analysis of this feature is still underway
  2. Mode may in principle cause a change in gain if the readout amplifier sampling sequence changes. It is TBD if we cope with changes in the mode via an expanding list of modes, or via. a time dependent association between logical RPS mode name and readout sequence
  3. observationStartTime - in addition to the above there will be the possibility of secular changes in gain (radiation effects?) requiring a modification in assumed gain values

The current implementation has no account of these items.

Michael Smith 2011-09-20